Introduction to Vitiligo, and Its Natural Treatments

It is a pigmentation disorder which affects melanocytes .  Melanocytes are the cells that provide skin, hair and eye color. They are hindered, and thus White patches appear all over your body. These patches show up as random patches of severe sunburn when skin peels.
It usually occurs in visible areas including the following:

  • Neck
  •  Hands
  •  Face
  • Feet
  •  Knees
  • Elbows

There are three different types of Vitiligo. The first one is generalized as patches appear on both sides of the body. Segmental Vitiligo appears when the patches appear only one side of your body. This is common in young children.

When these patches appear on both side of the body, then it is named as Localized Vitiligo. White patches are the most commonly known symptom. But it may include other issues like:

  • Hair Whitening at Premature Ages or Graying on Scalp
  • Whitening of Beard
  • Eye Retina Lose their Color
  • Mucous Membranes Lose hair color
  • Eyelashes turn gray

Natural Treatments

Conventional or Natural Treatment, you need to give it some time to work. The response of different treatments vary. Its possible you will improve in a week, but it will take months to get rid of the issue.
With that said, Natural remedies are always a better option as they have no side effect. Following, we will suggest some treatments:
An experimental approach. There are several studies which show skin needling is a promising Vitiligo treatment. The treatment includes the use of medical-grade roller fitted with 200 needles on your skin. The treatment demands an experienced and trained professional because it may involve the risk of infection.

Vitamin C

Vitiligo is a result of Vitamin C deficiency. So, if you improve your dose of Vitamin C, it will slow down the cell damage and get rid of free radicals. This will also build the important collagen for healthy-looking skin. You can easily get it from an organic diet.

Vitamin D

The issue with Vitamin D is, Vitiligo Patients get sensitive to the sun. Therefore, they are unable to get much exposure to the sun. So, you must source this from your diet.


Mineral deficiency is a common cause for Vitiligo. Zinc deficiency is also a common cause. So, you better take a diet with heavy Zinc to get rid of these skin patches. It is imperative for treating your condition.
Tips for Patients
Its time we discussed some easy tips for Vitiligo Patient, These tips don’t get necessary cure your issue, but it will help you to manage your life living with it. So, consider the following tips!
You can consume a diet that is heavily based on Seafood including Tuna, Salmon, Raw Milk, Sardines and other
Just make sure you are hydrated, drink plenty of water. Wear loose clothing, forget elastic or skin-tight clothing, it will only make your matter worse
You must find a way to manage your stress. If you put stress on your body, it will only lead to inflammation

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